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Dues for Tri County Chapter are $50 for Active and Associate Members and $60 for Cooperating and Participating Members.

The only courses we are affiliated with are the ones listed on our website and only for the locations listed. Any course you see listed on any other website requires that you register directly with them. The opposite is true as well. You can not register for our courses through anyone but us.

Check to make sure you had the correct course date and location. In addition, you must register directly with the NYS Department of State, Division of Code Enforcement for courses being offered through us.

When the Tri County Chapter hosts a seminar it costs us money. We have to pay for use of the facility and clean up. We also provide coffee, tea, juice, breakfast and lunch. The fees you are asked to pay are simply to pay for the expenses we incurred.

Contact the codes division regarding your status. The Tri-County Chapter has no control over it. Many times it turns out that you did not have as many credits as you thought you did. It is a good idea to keep your own log of attendance. It also never hurts to take an extra course during the year instead of doing the minimum 24 hours.

There are over 300 members and only one secretary. I do this in my spare time in between everything else that life demands. At this time I do my best to notify individuals. Sometimes you may have not given me your new e-mail address.

No. Just because the same course is being given on a different day, do not assume that the Tri County Chapter is hosting it and vice-versa. There are several different groups that have been offering training and each has their own registration process.

When you register for a course with us you will receive an email confirmation. It is not an instant process. I have to physically update the list and it may take a little time.

It is appreciated that you do not call my office looking for information. The staff in my office does not work for the Tri County Chapter and can not provide you with information. In addition, it is unfair to my employer for you to assume I can take their time to respond to questions. You are free to email BJ Gettel or leave a message on my office voice mail at 845-583-4350 X22. You are also invited to email or leave a message for any officer as well. You will get a faster response using email.

The Tri County Chapter does not currently accept credit card payments at this time.

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